From: Rene Veerman
> From: Rene Veerman <>
> Yep, i also just thought of using ssh/ftp to remotely edit files.
> I can probably configure any web-browser to open certain links with
> local program.
> But for now, i'd just like to consider the case where the browser is
on the
> same machine as the webserver.
> In that case, you should (imo) be able to use exec() called with ajax
> the browser to startup apps on that machine.

> On Fri, Jan 8, 2010 at 1:49 PM, Ashley Sheridan
>> No, the server is very different from the client, even if they are on
>> same machine. I know of no way you can have an HTML link open up
software on
>> your machine. If it were possible, that would open up a whole world
>> security issues.
>> What about making the link something like ftp://localhost/somefile
>> have an FTP server set up on the same machine. You could set up your
>> machine to respond as you wish to the ftp:// link (might be easier to
>> configure in Konqueror)

You might be able to set kate as a helper app in the browser, but you
still have two problems.

A. How do you map the file path from the web server's docroot to the
real path? i.e. can you translate the URL into a real file path?
B. Does the browser user have access rights to that file/directory?

It's probably easier to set up NetBeans with the debugger. That
combination is designed to do what you are asking for.

Bob McConnell

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