Don O'Neil wrote:

Core was generated by `php'.
Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.
#0  0x081d50a7 in sqlite3Select (pParse=0xbbc00080, p=0x0, eDest=164102200,
    iParm=0, pParent=0x24, parentTab=139141440, pParentAgg=0x84c10d8,
3172          for(j=0; j<pGroupBy->nExpr; j++){

First off, the compile directory listed is wrong, don't know where it got
php-5.2.11 from

I've experienced the same type of issue when building php RPM's on Linux.

The solution is to either remove the previous php build or build it in a chroot build environment (such as mock for RPM based distros).

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