Testing this out a little:

matt...@mumin:~$ php -r 'echo "\$".number_format(0.109, 2, ".", ",")."\n";'
matt...@mumin:~$ php -r 'echo "$".number_format(0.109, 2, ".", ",")."\n";'
matt...@mumin:~$ php -r 'echo "$".number_format("0.109", 2, ".", ",")."\n";'

I think the $ should be escaped with a backslash when enclosed within double quotes, but even the second and third tries return the correct result for me. Using PHP 5.2.10.



Rick Dwyer wrote:
Hello List.

Probably an easy question, but I am not able to format a number to round up from 3 numbers after the decimal to just 2.

My code looks like this:

$newprice = "$".number_format($old_price, 2, ".", ",");

and this returns "$0.109" when I am looking for "$0.11".

I tried:

$newprice = "$".round(number_format($old_price, 2, ".", ","),2);
But no luck.

Any help is appreciated.



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