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> Thanks for the reply guys.Do you guys know a good resource where i can read
> from about form validation through PHP.There a lot on google but please
> suggest something if you guys know.
> Thanks
> Aditya
> I think just do some form validation tutorials (google for them).
> These will help you to understand the validation process in more detail.
> Regards
> Angelo
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I still like


// includes go here

}//end if

function process_form()
//receive the data, validate and store the data in the db goes here
//feel free to add more functions that you could re-use in other parts
//of the app


function show_form($data='', $errors='')
//code to show the form goes here
//$data and $errors could be passed in from the above function if
//there are issues with the data validation (no image, data missing etc)


for simple pages. Its a mini MVC where the code could post the data
back to the form with error message to indicate to the user what
should be done.


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