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The company I work for, hosts online events registration applications. After a registered registered himself for an event he will get a confirmation email saying he registered successfully. Currently, in the header part of the mail(), in "From" it says e.g. - because the email comes from us not from our client (e.g. ABC Assoc.). Reply-to goes to us too. Now one of our clients (e.g. ABC Assoc.) asks us to put in the "from" field their email, to looks like the email comes from them. something like: From: ABC Assoc. <>; I refused to do that concerned we are going to be blacklisted for sending "spam". Because header shows one place and From field says other email address - spam way of sending emails.
Am I right or it really doesn't matter "who" sent the email?

AFAIK, it depends.
If your server is and your client wants your server to send email for Then the messages may get flagged as spam if has a SPF record excluding your server from sending emails for them. Some receiving servers will also check back with the sending server if the email account you are sending from actually exists on the server ( would have to be a valid account on

I don't think that you will get blacklisted for doing this but the emails may be flagged as SPAM more often.

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