I have a code in the following, after investigating more closely on how to 
use array_count_values():

  //Calculate the number of elements in array
$total_num = count($friend_from);
$total_num2 = count(array_unique($friend_from));
for ($i=0;$i<=$total_num2;$i++) echo $friend_from[$i] . " " . 
array_count_values($friend_from[$i]) . "\n";

  Neither of these two numbers, $total_num and $total_num2 are 0, but I only 
get something like this:

Monroe, IN 
Cherokee, OK 
Cherokee, OK 
Cleveland, OK 
Greer, OK 
  How come that I cannot get it to print out the individual array_count_values? 
Have I missed something here?
  Thanks for your help. 

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