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-- egg snip-its

While on the subject of eggs and other non-php topics, here's a life trick.

If you don't know if an egg is hard-boiled, or not, try spinning it. A hard-boiled egg will spin while a raw egg will not.

I didn't bother to try, but knowing about physics and fluids, I'm going to argue that your assertion is untrue. The raw egg will spin but will quickly slow down due to the internal drag of the viscous contents that will be spinning at a much slower rate. In contrast the hard boiled egg will not have this internal drag.


Truth is relative when debating the spin of an egg. Of course, just about everything you can hold, you can spin to some degree.

The point being, if you want a quick way to determine if an egg is hard-boiled, or not, then spinning it will provide convincing evidence as to which it is. The truth will be shown to those who try.




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