On Jan 12, 2010, at 1:57 PM, Ashley Sheridan wrote:

Depends on how you're creating running the query. You could do something like:

echo mysql_result($result, 1, 'fieldname');

Where $result is your result object and 1 is a 0 indexed array, so would be the second result.

Thanks Ryan, Ashley & Kim for the good techniques...

- in my case I was trying to pull a random record from a query of Table1 - then do a 2nd query from 1st so

mysql_result worked fine for my needs like:

... do query 1... 'cur' - SELECT id FROM myTable1

$ran = rand(0, $totalRows_cur - 1); // pick random rec row within total count

$pick1 = mysql_result($cur, $ran); // get the ID from the choice - (like id=252)

... do query 2 // where relatedID = $pick1 of myTable2

cool - THANKS ALL!


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