On Wed, 2010-01-13 at 10:53 +0100, Jens Geier wrote:

> Hello,
> my idea is to make a backup of some paths of my laptop via PHP.
> I like to use a MySQL Datebase to trace which file was uploaded from which
> path and so on.
> Also it should be uses to look up it is nessasery to backup this file
> because it was changed since last time or not.
> All this files should be uploaded to the SERVER in a special folder where
> this files run to a tape backup machine.
> I hope some one can give me some ideas for this.
> Kind Regards
> Jens Geier

There's a few ways to go about doing this, but I reckon you should do
something similar to the following:

      * schedule a cron job to run as often as you want the backup to be
        done, and have the cron call a script
      * the script can either be php and use your own code to create
        copies of files and check file dates for backup purposes, or use
        the rsync tool which pretty much does all of this for you
      * update a database as you need. this can be done either from a
        php script or directly via mysql on the console

If you do use PHP for this, you'll want to code it as a CLI script
rather than a web page script. On the whole it won't make much of a
difference, but obviously some global variables will change a bit.


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