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This is what I'm trying to do; I want to read a directory (eg: W:\Test \) and take all the filenames found in the directory (eg: 1.vox, 2.wav, 3.txt) and store them in a simple mySQL table.

Can I do this?

Rahul Sitaram Johari
Founder, Internet Architects Group, Inc.


You'll probably want to look at the readdir() function. The manual page
also has dozens of different example scripts that would be easy to tweak
for your purpose.


I use the glob function in my little homemade "web cam" page, which can really swell up in memory when used against a large amount of files (in my case around 30k files).
$imgdir = 'img/south*';
$files = glob( $imgdir );

// Sort files by modified time, latest to earliest
// Use SORT_ASC in place of SORT_DESC for earliest to latest
array_multisort( array_map( 'filemtime', $files ), SORT_NUMERIC, SORT_DESC, $files );
DISCLAIMER: I found this code on a how-to somewhere out there and modified it to fit my need. Quite possibly there are much better means to this end.

Ken Sande/KC8QNI

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