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> http://www.aspfree.com/c/a/MS-SQL-Server/Using-PHP-with-MS-SQL-Server/
> This article seems to sate that PHP can interface with MS Sequel Server 
> ? If so, is it about the same level of complexity as working with PHP & 
> MySQL? If one was to choose php & one DB over the other in a general 
> comparison (not cost): any preferences?

You can use PHP and MSSQL quite happily together on either Apache or
IIS. I've found a few disadvantages to MSSQL other than the cost factor

      * MySQL is faster in the main for the sorts of things I've thrown
        at it
      * I've not found a phpMyAdmin equivalent, which means you'd have
        to use the non-web interface that MS gives you unless you want
        to open all sorts of ports to connect remotely
      * Depending on the version you may be missing out on certain
        features. I had to use a version of MSSQL once that had no LIMIT
        capabilities, only TOP, which made things a lot more difficult
      * PHP doesn't have a mysql_real_escape_string equivalent for
        MSSQL, which is used to sanitise data for insertion based on the
        character set being used.
      * MSSQL doesn't allow you to use different database engines for
        different tables, it only has the JET engine as far as I know,
        so you wouldn't be able to optimise on a table-by-table basis by
        using different storage engines.


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