several people seem the have the "case sensitivity problem"
regarding different mysql versions - see this extract from
the mysql manual:

Prior to MySQL Version 3.23.4, REGEXP is case sensitive, and the previous query 
will return no rows. To match either lowercase or uppercase `b', use this query 

mysql> SELECT * FROM pet WHERE name REGEXP "^[bB]";

>From MySQL 3.23.4 on, to force a REGEXP comparison to be case sensitive, use 
the BINARY keyword to make one of the strings a binary string. This query will 
match only lowercase `b' at the beginning of a name: 

mysql> SELECT * FROM pet WHERE name REGEXP BINARY "^b";

is there a way to find out _programmatically_ which version of mysql is running 
(phpinfo() gives some information, but i don't know how this can be accessed) 
on the server.

thanks in advance,

PS: please cc me, i am on the very long digest list.

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