I maintain a site that is generating some strange behavior...

It's a custom built event registration app.

Events have event_dates that are stored in the MySQL db.

This code retrieves the event title and event date for display on the
registration acknowledgment page:

$q2 = "SELECT title, event_date, DATE_FORMAT(event_date, '%M %d, %Y') AS
formatted_event_date FROM events WHERE id =" . $eid . ";";
 $result = mysql_query($q2);
 if ($result) {
   $row = mysql_fetch_array($result);
   $title = $row['title'];

   if(strtotime($row['event_date'])) {
      $event_date = date("F m, Y", strtotime($row['event_date']));
   } else {
      $event_date = $row['formatted_event_date'];

Sometimes, it doesn't work.

Every 3rd or 4th registration notification email comes through with an empty
value for event_date.

There are no other references to the variable $event_date.

It works most of the time.

There's no pattern I can see. I even tried to force it to show a date by
selecting a formatted date and displaying that if the original programmer's
strtotime failed.

Where do you look for help with intermittent failures of a date field in the

John Corry
PHP developer - 3by400, Inc

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