Op 1/18/10 10:47 AM, Angelo Zanetti schreef:
> Hi all, 
> We are about to start a new project. Custom written shopping cart - quite
> simple actually. However we have a concern when it comes to calculating the
> shipping cost for an order.
> For each product we can determine the base cost based on weight, therefore
> we can determine the total weight of an order. 
> However we are struggling to determine how to calculate the shipping based
> on where the delivery is going.
> In terms of DB and PHP would the best way to calculate it be done by having
> a list of countries to ship to and a rate for each? Then you can apply the
> rate to the current order (calculate according to the order weight).
> Problems arise when shipping to different parts of a country EG: 
> New York vs California (quite far apart). Perhaps we should have a list of
> cities but that could be massive?
> I know there is a PHP class / system that integrates with UPS but I don't
> think the client is going to use UPS.
> Perhaps you can tell me how you have handled this issue in the past.
> Apologies if it is slightly off topic but it does still relate to PHP
> indirectly.

I'd start with defining shippingcost 'sets', each defining a number of
costs by weight bands, some 'table defs':

id              name                    

set_id          upper_weight            cost

then it would be a case of linking (many-to-many relation) 'regions' to sets,
if you approach this with a tree of regions you can effectively set values at
a continent, country, state/province level ... as such you would only need to
relate a 'shippingcostset' to a state if the shippingcosts are different to
the given country's shippingcosts.

 - north america
   - california
 - south america
 - europe
   - france
   - UK

then your left with the problem of determining the smallest defined region a 
address physically falls into .. using geo-spatial magic in the DB would be one
way to do it.

this is a hard problem (unless, maybe, the client is willing to sacrifice 
and instead using highly averaged shipping cost definitions to cover the real 
in costs - i.e. a fixed fee for all of europe, whereby such fee is just above 
average real cost the client pays for shipping).

my guess would be that building such a thing is hard, and would take lots of
time ... best bet is to hook into the webservice of whatever shipping company 
client intends to use ... even if you have to build your end of the webservice 
scratch it will be many factors less hard that building a user-manageable, 
shipping cost

- sorry it's all a bit vague, I'm very tired :) my eyes are starting to bleed.

> Thanks in advance.
> Angelo
> http://www.wapit.co.za
> http://www.elemental.co.za 

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