Richard Quadling wrote:

>But having said all of that, the php_mssql.dll uses a very old library
>which may give you issues.
>For the time being, using ODBC (php_odbc is built in for PHP on
>Windows) is a much safer solution. You can also use the latest SQL
>Native Client driver so you can talk to SQL7, 2000, 2005, 2008.
>If you are used to using a DNS-less connection, then ...
>$Conn = odbc_pconnect("Driver={SQL Server Native Client
>$User, $Password, SQL_CUR_USE_DRIVER);
>will give you the connection without the need to have a DNS entry.
Hello to you,

Where can we download the SQL Native Client driver for talking to MS-SQL
( eg : 2000 ) ?

Thanks !

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