Daevid Vincent wrote:
> BTW, I want to use GET so that the page can be bookmarked for future
> searches of the same data (or modified easily with different dates, etc.),
> so that's why I don't use POST.

to do as you say on the clientside you'd probably be best to write a
short js script to build the get url from the form data; and on the
serverside just take the klunky approach you mentioned.

worth thinking about scenarios where a field is empty on the initial
search though; but a user may want to modify it by entering in a value
to a previously blank field (which would at this point be stripped); so
maybe removal isn't the best option.

possibly worth considering having a GET url which (p)re-populates the
form (rather than direct to the search results) so the search can be
easily modified before submitting it..?

also you could just pass the url through to an url shrinker; if you use
the api of bit.ly or suchlike you could do this serverside; and reap the
benefits of stats for each search too.

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