Hendry wrote:
> Hi,
> Anyone can share your favorite PHP open source CMS to work with and
> what's the reason? I'm looking for something that easily extensible.
> I've googled and found severals but I'm still confused, some from the
> lists:
> - Drupal
> - Tomato CMS
> - modx
> - xoops
> - Symphony
> Thanks
> # Hendry

most are good in different ways; many are carbon copies with different
coding styles; pick any of them and work with it till you start fighting
it, then review your choice.

there's no way anybody can really help you pick, you know what you want
to do and what you don't; if you just want to install something load a
plugin and skin it then pick drupal or something like it "a cms". If you
want to code custom things quicker, then pick a framework like zend,
kohana, codeigniter and fuse different classes / modules to develop your
apps quickly.

just to make up a phrase cos I'm in that kind of mood.. "only a foolish
workman carries one tool in his toolbox" - you need different tools for
different jobs, just like we need more than php we need more than one

also worth considering what you want to do, if you don't wanna roll out
carbon copy sites with different templates every day of life then don't
take on that kinda work & forget about picking a cms; or if you just
want to work agency style with clients in and out the door as quick as
possible with little maintenance use what everybody knows, drupal them
all safe in the knowledge that anybody with drupal skills can do the
ongoing maintenance and developers / designers with the needed skills
are plentiful.

1 - have a quick scan of the source code of each & see if it looks easy
for you to work with and is coded in a similar style to your own code.
2 - look for the most modular, lightest and mature which fits the
results of 1.


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