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I have a table called "tDates" in which I stored dates. The field that holds the date is called "Day_Date" (date result)

I need to create a STORED PROCEDURE in mySQL that I can specify the YEAR and it will:

Check if any dates in that year are already existing - if so generate a ERROR.

If they are not existing, create ONE RECORD for each day in that year.

If you can, please include the mySQL procedure code and the PHP that would call it.

Appreciate any help that be offered.

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Hmmm... that really doesn't sound like a question, but rather but a request for free service. Perhaps you should take your request to someone who would "integrate data solutions to fit your business needs". If you can't find such a service, then understand there are lot's of us here who do that daily and we are for hire.

This list is for people who have specific coding questions to ask for help, but not a place where we offer our expertise for free. If you have a specific question with respect to php coding, then ask it and we will try to help. But if you think we're going to write code for you, then also expect to be billed.




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