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Marc Hall wrote:
> Anyone speak Chinese?

Google does, sort of:

"Great customer marketing strategies, regional market development and
sales team management and control gold Tactical Training Workshop"

                Date: January 2010 22-24 (Shanghai)
                Date: January 2010 29-31 (Shenzhen)

   By the end of final, favorable to thank old and new customers; 3800
yuan / person (buy one get one, no discounts)
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------
Object】 【Course chairman, general manager, marketing vice president,
major account manager, region manager / regional manager,
Channel manager, marketing director, brand managers and other middle and
senior management.

【Background】 Course:
  China Marketing short period of 20 years walked the West path of a
hundred years, local enterprise has been through the market
Competition, trials and hardships, in learning the practice of growing
up in the error correction, a considerable number of enterprises to
master a marketing
The essence of management theory and practice in the operating skills,
can be sustained, rapid and healthy development; however,
Some have been popular in China's north and south river, all-powerful in
the market well-known enterprises, but due to marketing
Management, there are numerous errors, and ultimately failed to get out
from the brilliant to the failure of low-level reincarnation! Overall
Case, failure or difficult to break through business problems is
reflected in: In the market development, the lack of effective
A viable market development strategy and the regional market and
standardize management, the lack of a breakthrough in the market for
large customers
Effective mining and system management; internal management, the lack of
a strong front-line sales force, which lead
To difficult for local enterprises to grow by leaps and bounds. Viable
regional market development and management, scientific and rational
The big customer marketing techniques and strategies, sales force combat
effectiveness, these three capabilities is a matter of corporate marketing
The core elements of victory. This course will help you build a
comprehensive and effective system of market penetration.

【Course】 benefits:
* By keeping customer development strategy to enhance the large customer
sales skills and abilities; effective integration company
Resources, and big clients manage strategic alliances in order to
establish a good relationship
* Learn about the regional market analysis and management methods, and
study the development of regional plans and implementation steps, to
know more about
Kinds of regional daily operation of the management skills.
* Know how to brand and marketing end-to understand the brand strategy
of enterprises and terminal Gonglue regional markets
To promote the development of the role.
* To strengthen the functions of the various marketing team spirit
between departments to achieve overall synergy. To establish a fair high -
Effective assessment incentives to build high-performance sales team.

【Course Outline】:

Day 1: "Regional Market Development and Management"
First, the regional market growth and performance
1, the regional market in the geographical concept
2, the regional market in the product concept
3 Aspects of the regional market transformation of the operational
4, using what the determinants of the regional business model
5, the regional marketing strategy

Second, the regional market development strategy
1, the market potential assessment
* Consumer Analysis
* Competition Analysis
* Industry Analysis
* Company's own resources analysis
2, the marketing objective programming
* Dominant Index
* Potential indicators
* Regional Location
* Offensive and defensive positioning
3, marketing strategy formulation
* Product mix strategy
* Pricing
* Channel Strategy
* Marketing Communication Strategy
* Case: "dogs rules of survival" - Ya-off benefit the survival of dental
4, the regional market as a whole deployment strategy (plane management)
* The use of regional conditions
* Design of regional distribution strategy
* Width of the distribution of the regional management of specific
operational features
* Depth distribution of the regional management of specific operational
5, rapid access to regional markets
* "Rally" to enter
* "Offensive" to enter
* "Homeopathic" to enter
* "Contrarian" to enter
* The core of the regional market Gonglue
6, the regional market operations Panorama
1, analysis of the status quo
2, set goals
3, production sales map
4, the market segmentation
5, adopt a "forward strategy" or "pull strategy"
6, to deal with competitors
7, Case: Coca-Cola recipe for success

Third, the regional market expansion and to maintain
1, the regional market expansion strategy
* The price-led strategy of crowding
* Advertising-led strategy of crowding
* The channel-led strategy of crowding
* The service-oriented strategy of crowding
2, line management - route
* Course Design and Management of Sales
* Route planning principle
* Sales call on the relationship between efficiency and the distance
* Distribution and sales cycle, the relationship between the distance
3-point management - terminal
* Focus sales staff productivity
* End Queue
* Terminal Promotions
* Terminal atmosphere

4, the distributor Gong Lue
1, the distributor of radar Planning Act
2, the distributor of choice sheep rule
3, Distributor assessment and evaluation
4, the distributor service and support
5, the distributor management scorecard

Day 2: "Creating special sales force,"

The first sales force planning

1 Lecture: sales force of common diseases and pathological
1. The sales force's core values and the growth stage
2. Sales team to determine symptoms and cause analysis
* Team management system for the poorly designed
* For the sales process of management control is not enough
* Systematic training for sales personnel are not in place
3. The system to solve the problem the idea of sales force
* An effective system planning
* Design marketing team sales targets and decomposition
* Key business processes of carding
* Sales organization and functions of the defined
* Marketing team to determine the staffing

Part 2 sales model of management style requirements
1. Sales model of the binary classification
2. And efficiency-oriented and efficiency-based management style and
main features of

Part 3 sales target decomposition and sales organization
1. Market segmentation approach
2. Sales target decomposition standards and ideas
3. The sales process and sales of specialized
4. Organizational design and job responsibilities

Part 4 sales compensation and sales target setting
1. The core of sales management
2. "Sales model" and Compensation Design
3. "Marketing strategy" and Compensation Design
4. "Design and Application" and Compensation Design

The second part of the sales force to form

Part 5: Sales personnel screening
1. Sales staff choice principle
* The principles of effective selection of business representatives
* The typical interview questions and misunderstanding
* Select people who are endowed with wisdom, because there are people
endowed with wisdom, "will follow"
2. Sales staff are matched to
* Personality and business development stage for
* Personal experience for
* Values for
* Expectations for
* "Thinking" for

Part 6: special training for sales staff
1. Sales force training in the five major errors
* No training system relies on to do
* Team leader was busy affairs, a passive response
* Use the "master train an apprentice" in a single model of
* Ignore the case and the text of the accumulation of
* Only to learn, less review, without practicing
2. "Fly solo" before the system training
* To work, study and learning of the unity of the work of
* How the actual situation at any time for the team fill up
3. Training of sales force method
* System training, the "four stroke"
* Intensive pre-service training, sales of special training, with job
training, training and rotation
* OJT guidance law, the concept of heuristics, systematic cultivation of law
* How to carry out upgrading training for business veteran
* Case Study: Learning with knowledge enough learning with knowledge gap
between the

7 Lecture: team culture and charisma
1. The grim task Vs the warmth of human caring
2. Vs the team goals personal goals
3. The overall mandate of personal emoluments Vs
4. Individual ability Vs Team jobs
5. Target replacement Vs group-think

The third part of the sales force management and control

Part 8: Sales force management and control points
1. Sales of four-dimensional management model
2. Selling regular meeting of the objectives, contents and attention to
3. Follow-up observation points when the attention of
* Your team is "1 +1" 2 "or" 1 +1 "0"?
4. How to Prevent the Credit Crisis
* How to eliminate the barriers of communication between team members
* How to make the sales team members in decision-making
5. How to use authority to promote the team to get ahead
* The principle of authority, utility, steps
* There are several pairs of authorized hearts
* Do the authority's "subtraction"
* To enable members to do "their thing"
* Out of the authorization errors, so that "cows do not watch others to see"

9 Lecture: Management forms and execution
1. Management control elements of the form
2. Based management forms
3. How to report work-related problems found in workers
4. How to strengthen the management of good staff
5. Instill play their talents to win the concept of collaboration
6. To find a positive quality of
7. Effective "shield their mistakes"
8. Let the good people had just been appropriate
9. To command a more effective use of six kinds of ski...

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