> I am using a Quadra Hosting Multi Domain ( 
> to host five
> different domains. As site owner I have FTP access to the root directory, and 
> to
> everything underneath it. There is no domain directly attached to the root. 
> Each domain
> has its own directory tree under the root directory, and I have a separate 
> directory
> Engine containing the PHP code for all the sites. Each domain directory has a 
> series of
> data files defining the various pages, optionally some configuration files, 
> and a very
> short program index.php, which sets up a few user variables, and then passes 
> control to
> the main program in Engine (by including it). The Engine processes a set of 
> parameters,
> and from these generates the actual page which is passed to the user. The 
> data files are
> almost entirely simple text files, and I do not use a database.
> The permissions are currently as they were set up by the provider. All 
> directories in the
> system have permissions drwxr-xr-x, and all other files rw-r--r-- (when I 
> read them as
> site owner -- I don't know if they are somehow changed when I access the site 
> by
> downloading a page from one of the domains). I can load and run any of the 
> files in Engine
> by including them into Index.php, and I can include images anywhere in the 
> domain in the
> current page. I can also download them directly by quoting their full path. I 
> can also
> show pages defined by data files in Engine, but I can neither show nor 
> download images in
> Engine. I haven't tried accessing pages in other domains.
> As the permissions for group and others are the same for all directories, and 
> all files, I
> don't understand how I can download images in the current domain, but not in 
> Engine. Is it
> possible to reset the permissions so that different values are seen from 
> different
> domains, and how can I tell which group I am actually in when I access a 
> particular
> domain? Also is it possible to temporarily include a user in group, if they 
> are not
> already there?
> Clancy.
> (The PHP manual has been down all day, and Google is not particularly helpful 
> for this
> type of thing unless you already know the terminology, so I have largely been 
> floundering
> in the dark. And when you look up 'user permissions' most books immediately 
> assume
> database.)

Hi Clancy,

If I read what you are saying correctly you have the following directory

/SiteA/ <-- domain files
/SiteB/ <-- domain files
/SiteC/ <-- domain files
/Engine <-- private files

if this is correct then: is mapped to /SiteA/

so if you have the file /SiteA/test.jpg you can access it via

if I'm still correct.. then the problem is that /Engine/ *is not* mapped
to any domain - thus you can't access it via http.

Any request to will map to
/SiteA/Engine/test.jpg and not /Engine/test.jpg as you'd want.

If I'm wrong the you need to explain some more :)



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