On 1/25/2010 8:00 PM, deal...@gmail.com wrote:
Hi Folks,

I would like to create an entire .html page gathered from database
content mixed with html etc. and be able to save the page...


--- save all this pre made content as .html page....

... stuff
... stuff
... stuff with database query results...
... stuff

Q: Is there a function that might help with saving the whole content as
.html page?


rename(APPLIC_DB_FILE, APPLIC_DB_FILE . 'BAK'); //make a backup
$serTxt = serialize($dbTable);
if(!file_put_contents(APPLIC_DB_FILE, $serTxt, LOCK_EX))
die("<div style=\"color:red; margin:10em auto auto auto\">Major error in upDateDBTable(). Contact tech support</div>");

$dbTable = unserialize(file_get_contents(APPLIC_DB_FILE)); //Current application file

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