Hey all,

I have an SQL query that's stumping me.

I have two date variables, $start and $end that are in mm/dd/yyyy format and two database fields, start_date and no_donations. The start date is mm/dd/yyyy format and no_donations is an integer that represents the number of months from start_date that donations will be made.

So if start date is say 02/01/2010 and no_dations is 4 then donations will be made four times from the start date for four months.

What I need to do is come up with a query that will determine if the start_date + no_donations falls within $start and $end.

But I'm pretty stumped. How can I convert start_date + no_donations in the database to the date when the last donation will take place so I'll now if the donations fall between $start and $end?

Any suggestions would be very help and appreciated,

Skip Evans
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