Hello List

A client has asked me to migrate a few scripts that have been running
merrily under PHP4 to PHP5.2. Part of these scripts have integration
with PHPMyAdmin
using the single sign-on and so they make use of the following code :


Now, assuming that prior to session_write_close(), I have a session
that (amongst other elements) contains the following:

$_SESSION['a'] = (an instance of Object A)
$_SESSION['b'] = (an instance of Object B)
$_SESSION['c'] = (an instance of Object C)

After session_start(), I have the following :

$_SESSION['a'] = (an instance of Object C)
$_SESSION['b'] = (an instance of Object C)
$_SESSION['c'] = (an instance of Object C)

This does not consistently happen, only under particular circumstances
(it seems to be a certain set of elements in $_SESSION triggers it).
For instance, if I unset $_SESSION['b'] * prior* to doing
session_write_close() - the behaviour stops, and the elements are
retained. Has anybody seen this before?

Vital Stats:

Sessions are stored using PHP5's default session handling.

Thanks in advance

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