Ryan Park wrote:
Hypothetically say that I have MySQL with petabytes of data. I want to use XSL as my template language. But in order to use XSL, I need to make XML filled with petabytes of data. This does not sound elaborate way to use XSL/XML; I would rather use PHP/MySQL/Smarty. Is there a way around this so that I can use XSL instead of Smarty?

I doubt that the generated page depends on a petabyte of data but a subset of that and thus you don't need to transform petabytes. Even if you got the hardware for it any other coworker with a clue would kick your ass, drag you out to the parking lot and change locks. So if you got all this data in the DB you query for what you need and then transform that into your XML-data and then transform that via XSLT.

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