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> Another thing I just noticed, is that we (that is Dan and I) should NOT
> have used count()
> This is bad form and wasted cycles.

    This is certainly correct, but it should also be noted that my
original code used it once (thus, it was in fine form) and it was only
to demonstrate a small field of results.  Still, though a different
discussion, it's worth reminding folks to audit their own code to see
how many places they have unnecessary calls to count() when cycling
through the same array in multiple places.

    Someone should start a "Pointers For Newbies, Reminders For
Oldies" thread on the list and let everyone participate with what
should be obvious - but are often overlooked - points within coding
practice that can cause the programmer to develop bad habits and bad
code.  Who here would like to volunteer for the task?  ;-P

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