Rene Veerman wrote:
> Oh, i forgot to mention that firefox takes about a gigabyte of memory
> after having stalled at "200mb parsed" in a 330mb document..
> And despite using setTimeout(), firefox frequently freezes (for about
> 2 to 10 minutes), before updating the decoding-status display again.
> I'd really appreciate someone checking my non-eval() json
> parser-decoder to see if my code is at fault, or if i've triggered a
> firefox 'bug'.

in all honesty I'm kinda wondering why anybody would want to look at
120+mb of array data in a web browser - do you have any use-cases?

as for the firefox side of things, it's built and designed to handle web
pages, documents, extensions and streaming media - when the rest of the
world is focussed on making things smaller, to optimise for making
things bigger normally doesn't come in to the equation.

regards though - challenges are what make us better.

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