Op 1/30/10 12:54 AM, Daevid Vincent schreef:
> I'm  wondering if anyone has a PHP debug-type routine that will take a PHP
> array and output it to the web page, but make all the dimensions of the
> array collapsable, ideally showing each sub-key (or index) as the name to
> click to expand it again.
> I'm dealing with some rather huge datasets in multi-dimensional hashes and
> printing them out with a beautified print_r() is just not cutting it
> anymore. I need to collapse them down to wrap my head around them. Some of
> them have 6 or more dimensions!
> I use jQuery for JS if that helps (in case your routine requires that too).

what everyone else said ... additionally check out the recent archives for
posts by Rene Veerman ... his current pet project seems to be something that
would be of interest you.


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