I am going to take this sideways and push my own agenda.  :-)

In your position, I would consider storing the newsletter text
as blobs of XML. Keep it dead simple to start with:

<!ELEMENT blob  (p+) >
<!ELEMENT p  (#PCDATA|img) >
<!ELEMENT img   (#PCDATA) >

which would make your article text:

<blob><p>the article text <img>image_name</img> some more article 

and you could then use eregi_replace to turn into HTML:

$text = "<blob><p>the article text <img>image_name</img> some more article 

// Remove the "blob" tags
$text = eregi_replace( "<[\/]?blob>", "" , "", $text );
// Resolve the image element
$text = eregi_replace("<img>([^#]+)</img>", "<img src=\"\\1\">", $text)

   * A little more complex up front

   * You have given yourself room to move if you need to start expanding on 
     you can do with inline markers

At 15:38 11/07/2001 +1200, Matthew Delmarter wrote:
>Hi all,
>I want to use image place holders in a mysql field. The field will store a
>newsletter article and I want to include and display an image in the
>For example I will have:
>"the article text ##image_name## some more article text".
>I will use str_replace to replace ##image_name## with the html tag to
>display such as <img src='/images/image_name'>.
>But - I don't know how to write the str_replace! Can anyone help?
>Also, is there are better way to do this?? Can I have images displayed in
>the middle of text from a field some other way?
>I also cannot seem to find much on using place holders in a field - but I
>can see it's advantages.
>I hope this all makes sense...
>Matthew Delmarter
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