At 10:49 AM +0100 2/3/10, Aurelie REYMUND wrote:

unfortunately, it does not suite my needs. The image must be clickable. The
application I'm developping reads data from a database and display the
information graphically. The user must be able to click on some elements of
the picture, and I have to store the information the user clicked on
(session vars). I cannot tell the user not to use IE, so I have to find
another solution...



The image must be clickable?

I must not be understanding something. Anything can be made clickable, just put it in an anchor, such as:

<a href="my-php-script-to-produce-the-image.php">Click This</a>

The previous post mentioned using ImageMagick to convert the svg to png -- so write that script and place it in an anchor. I don't see the problem.




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