Brian Dunning wrote:
Hey all -

Glad some of you found that sample data helpful.   :-)

I use PHP/MySQL to generate RSS feeds of my podcasts. The feed is submitted as *.xml and 
I use .htaccess to redirect it to my PHP document. The start of the document sets the 
right header and outputs the <? & ?> to prevent PHP from trying to process the 
leading XML line as code (this is cleaned up a bit for readability):

header("content-type: application/rss+xml");
echo '<?';
xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"
echo '?>';
<rss xmlns:itunes=""; 
xmlns:atom=""; version="2.0">

This has always worked fine on one podcast, but on a new one it's not. You can 
see the results here:

It's throwing a 500 error, a parsing error, and complaining that feeds should not be 
served with the "text/html" type, even though I'm serving the right header. 
Other PHP pages on this site work fine, and there are no special Apache directives on my 
site that works that are missing here. Can anyone suggest what I might be missing?

A 500 error is indicating a failure at the server/script level. The parse error I assume you see in your error logs. Correct the parse error and you should be able to move forward. The text/html error is related to the parse error since that prevents your script from running and properly setting the content type header.

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