Ire ently needed to do this for a client as well. I took their word doc and converted it to HTML with open office. This created a template that I just do some search and replace to fill in the criteria.

This has worked very well with outlook and hotmail and gmail.

Not sure if it will fit your needs, but it could be worth a try.


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On Feb 5, 2010, at 5:32 AM, Richard Quadling <> wrote:

On 4 February 2010 16:44, Skip Evans <> wrote:
Hey all,

First, let me say thanks for all the advice on Magento, and especially to Ryan who has used the beast and gave some great advice on skinning, links to some good docs and a book just for my designer. We'll be using and I'm
looking forward to learning it.

But anyway...

I'm doing some maintenance work on a system that sends an email message using the multi-part boundaries to include both a plain text version and an
HTML version of an email.

I've read up on this before, but never actually done it. So implementing the code was not a big issue, and in fact it works perfectly when tested on my Ubuntu machine using Thunderbird to test the HTML and Evolution to test the plain text version. In fact, I can switch formats on both of these and all
looks great.

Enter Microsoft (Insert opening of Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor to
send chills up my readers' spines.)

On Outlook 2007 in HTML mode it renders, how can I put this... half- assedly. In text mode the whole things a bust. There is the HTML code all stuffed up
at the top, boundary codes are visible, just plain awful.

Googling around I see articles from 2007 when that version of Outlook came out lamenting the fact that MS pulled the IE rendering engine from it and replaced it with MS Word's renderer to plug security holes expoitable via

Does anyone have any experience with HTML & plain text multi-part messages and Outlook 2007, or any tips how I can get this working? Still Googling,
but any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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I create HTML.Mime based emails in PHP with a plain text part which is
basically a cop out saying that they should upgrade.

The HTML part is a fax form. They print it out, add some stickers
relating to work carried out and then fax it back (or email it as a
TIFF or PDF if they have the skills/tech to do that).

I use Outlook 2003 (work) and GMail via Chrome (personal).

The form includes embedded images (essentially their logo as the forms
are passed to their clients) and have a PDF attached ( a report from
our systems about the email they are receiving).

All fairly simple.

1 - Plain Text - (Please upgrade)
2 - Alternative HTML
3 -          Embedded images
4 - Attachment

For this, I use RMail from (previously known as

The HTML I used contains limited CSS and is table based.

I initially did it "properly", or so I thought.

I'd used IE7/FireFox/Safari/Opera as a test of a proper HTML page with
CSS to produce a nice looking form. Scaled nicely, limited shrink,

Looked OK in Outlook 2003 too!

But when I sent them for approval to the line manager, who uses
Outlook 2007, well, let's just say he didn't understand the form at

Even when I redid it with tables, I'd used <thead>, <tfoot>, <tbody>
(proper HTML at least). In O2K7? It renders in order - header, footer,
body. Great!

So, the HTML I ended up with REALLY looks like something from when I
was first learning HTML (I just worked it out as being 13 years ago!).

So, yes. The code is horribly old fashioned. But it works.

Richard Quadling
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