I am working with the SOAP package of PHP and I am trying make a connection
from a hosted website to a server in our office. 
I can get to the server perfectly fine from within our office, but I cannot
connect from the eternal site.
I have checked and I am certain that the firewall for the server is open.
When I attempt to use the login page that I have created for the website I am
getting the following error message:
Connect Error to XX.XX.XX.XXX:8080
Where XX.XX.XX.XXX mask the actual ip address of the server. I have tried to
interogate all the values that soap_fault documents that it can return and
the only information I have been able to find beside the above message, which
is the $errorstring, is that my $faultcode = "HTTP".
The information that I am getting is very cryptic. if I include our ip
address when I search I get no results. If I put in connect error :8080 I get
millions of meaningless results.
Can someone please help to figure out how to get more meaningful information
from soap_fault for this problem so that I can figure out how to fix it.
Thank you
Eric H. Lommatsch
360 Business 
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