On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 3:04 AM, Paul M Foster <pa...@quillandmouse.com> wrote:
> $d = funcD($q);
> // tests if necessary
> $c = funcC($p);
> // tests if necessary
> $b = funcB($c);
> // tests if necessary
> $r = funcA($b, $d);

You're right.
I knew when i was posting my last reply yesterday that i had made
things probably too complicated.

But after sleeping and a look at real code which is to work with my
improved-err-handling, i've come up with a new construct, that i think
will fit the bill for now.

I'm going to use the "result meta-array" instead of "plain result
values", because that
- completely equalizes the syntax for detecting bad results, and
prevents doing a lookup with a function to a value that is also the
"bad-result" return value for the lookup function.
- is much easier to read, than checking what the "bad-result" value is
for a lookup function.
- allows me to redirect the error info from a called function inside
the calling function
- allows infinite expansion of (meta-)communication between calling
and called functions.

So while i'm dumping the funcA (defaults($onError_pValue), $p) crap,
i'm retaining most of the other ideas in my previous post to this

the calling function does this, inside 3x foreach:
                                        // if not done yet, resolve the fields 
for this table=>hit that
require looking-up
(!$sqls[$tableName]['hasPreInserts']) {
($tableCmd['preInsertFields'] as $fieldName=>$fieldLookupCmd) {
                                                        $r = 
maintenance__lookupPreInserts ($wm, $fieldLookupCmd);
                                                        if (!good($r)) {
$tableCmd['invalidPreInserts'] = true;
                                                        } else {
$sqls[$tableName]['preInserts'][$fieldName] = result($r);
(!array_key_exists('invalidPreInserts', $tableCmd)) {
                                        // add the fields for this table for 
this hit:

and the helper functions:

function maintenance__lookupPreInserts (&$wm, $fieldLookupCmd) {
  startErrorContext(); // to catch php E_NOTICE, E_WARNING, etc
        $flcp = explode ('::', $fieldLookupCmd);
        if (count($flcp)!=3) {
                return badResult(E_USER_ERROR, array(
                        'msg' => 'Need 3 counts of \'::\'',
                        'vars' => array (0=>array('$fieldLookupCmd', 
        $section = $flcp[0];

        $searchInSection = array();
        $criteria = explode (',,', $flcp[1]);
        foreach ($criteria as $idx1 => $criterium) {
                $cs = explode('===',$flcp[1]);
                if (count($cs)!=2) return badResult (E_USER_ERROR, array(
                                'msg' =>
                                        'Any criterium (after first "::", 
between ",,") needs to be like
                                'vars' => array (0=>array('$fieldLookupCmd', 
                $searchInSection = array_merge ($searchInSection, array(
                        $cs[0] => $cs[1]
        $pathInSection = explode(',,', $flcp[2]);
  foreach ($wm[$section] as $idx => $fields) {
    $gotIt = true;
    foreach ($searchInSection as $fn => $fv) {
      if ($fields[$fn]!=$fv) {
                                $gotIt = false;
    if ($gotIt) {
      return chase ($wm[$section], $pathInSection);

function chase ($arr, $indexes) {
  $r = $arr;
  foreach ($indexes as $idx) {
    if (is_array($r)) {
      $r = $r[$idx];
    } else {
                        return badResult (E_USER_ERROR, array(
                                'msg' => 'Could not walk the full tree',
                                'vars' => array(
                                        0=>array('$arr', $arr),
                                        1=>array('$indexes', $indexes)
  return goodResult($r);

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