For who knows about bugs with session in PHP, I have:
PHP Version 4.0.4pl1
"Marian" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I have a problem with session thing. I have one script for logging into
> user pages. But many users tell me that the script is... "lossing" the
> session_variables which are set. It's very strange because this is not for
> certain users, or browsers. It's very randomly. Today this happent for me
> also, I mean I was going into those pages, and one time the server lost
> session_variables and the script told me that I'm not even logged. Why is
> this happening ?
> it's very very randomly, but its happening and not one time a day... some
> users reported me that they have to close totally the browser and then try
> to login again and this is not happening again. This problem is happening
> with any browser... any idea ?
> Plz help ! :)

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