did I send the below message? must have been
an artifact of the defacto 'Reply-to-All' on this
mailing list. I dislike this kind of nonsense, It's in no
way stopping SPAM engines and just means more stuff
to be undertaken by real people

peeeerlease, as if a SPAM BOT can't catch this kind of message and hit
the given link with the appropriate request headers (and then submit
the relevant form data) ...

... so, against my so-called principals, I did the confirmation ...
as a result my email will presumabably go to some W3C list and well
as being archived on any number of their websites ... where email harvesting
bots will be able to scrap my address and add it to the umpteeth
spam list ... not that I care (I host at a great company called Nedlinux.nl
who take care of filtering most of that kind of rubbish on a daily basis) ..
but you see the irony :D

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