I'm trying to relate four tables within a single query and am running into 
difficulties.  Heck, I don't even know if it is possible.  Most of the 
explainations I see are for two tables, not four...

So I'm trying to do something like this:

SELECT  address.city,
FROM    WLPbib bib
        JOIN ON  WLPprofile profile USING (profileID)
        JOIN ON WLPaddress address USING (publisherID)
        JOIN ON WLPcountry country USING (countryID)

I don't know how to express the following relationship in the query above:
   The tables WLPbib & WLPprofile share the value profileID
   WLPbib and WLPaddress share the value publisherID
   WLPaddress and WLPcountry share the value countryID

I also used JOIN ON, but didn't know if any of these others would be more 

Cross Join
select c.name, o.cid from orders o, clients c where o.cid = "acm-042";

select p.os, c.name from orders o, pcs p, clients c where p.pid=o.pid and o.pid 
= 1 and o.cid=c.cid";

SELECT p.os, o.pid from orders o, pcs p where o.pid > p.pid;

Left Join
select * from orders left join pcs on orders.pid = pcs.pid";
select * from orders left join pcs on pcs.pid = 3 and orders.pid = pcs.pid;

Using Option
SELECT * from clients join on orders where clients.cid = orders.cid;
SELECT * from clients join on orders using (cid);
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