>Are you using wsdl? If so, does the WSDL file contain the information that
the port to use for the requests is on port 8080?
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First, I am sorry for not getting back to this yesterday. I had some other
things come up.

As far as I know this website is using WSDL. I know that one of the early
issues I ran into in trying to get this to work was not having the wsdl.php
file in the path.

That having been said are you talking about the wsdl file on the server that
is providing the service or are you talking about the wsdl file on the system
hosting the webpage. 

I can get everything to work correctly when I am working from our internal
development server. But when I attempt to put the file on the hosted site our
clients would ultimately be using I am getting the connect error. 

I have compared the wsdl.php files on these two servers and neither of them
have specific information about the port in them.

Here is the code that I am using to connect to the webservice:

        $webservices_uri =

Here is the code where I am trying to connect:

        function ws_checkUsername($username, $password)
                $connection_params = array("user" => $username, "pass" =>
                $info = new SOAP_client($GLOBALS["webservices_uri"], false,
false, $connection_params);
                $op_xml = "<request
operationName=\"list\"><resourceDescriptor name=\"\" wsType=\"folder\"
uriString=\"\" isNew=\"false\">".
                $params = array("request" => $op_xml );
                $response = $info->call("list",$params,array('namespace' =>
                return $response;

This is working when I use the IP address of the server behind the firewall,
but when I try to use the address that is open through the firewall it is not
connecting. I can connect to the external IP address by entering it into the
browser and it does ask for the username and password.

Thank you
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