Yeah, I am a lot more descriptive now. I ran into it quite a bit when I was first starting out.

James McLean wrote:
On Fri, Feb 12, 2010 at 9:31 AM, Joseph Thayne <> wrote:
As for the backticks, they are required because of MySQL, not because of
phpMyAdmin.  The issue was not that phpMyAdmin uses backticks, it is that
MySQL pretty much requires them when naming a field the same as an internal
function to my knowledge.  If someone else knows of another way to designate
to MySQL that a field named HOUR is the name of a field rather than the name
of the internal function, I would love to know.

Ahh I see :) Wasn't aware of that. Personally i've always been
over-descriptive when designing my tables which is possibly why I've
never run into that limitation :)


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