Richard Quadling wrote:
> On 16 February 2010 16:41, Nathan Rixham <> wrote:
>> Nathan Rixham wrote:
>>> Richard Quadling wrote:
>>>> Hi.
>>>> I want to docblock a set of properties to be xml primitive datatypes [1].
>>>> Considering that this is the correct type for the XML/SOAP/WSDL
>>>> communication, how do I "bypass" Zend_WSDL / Zend_AutoDiscovery so
>>>> that these types go through cleanly. I know that as far as PHP is
>>>> concerned, the type is loose and it will be my responsibility to
>>>> encode the values accordingly. It is in the WSDL generation, and hence
>>>> the docblocks, that I want these types to be valid.
>>>> I think I can achieve this by the following steps.
>>>> 1 - Create a new concrete class from the
>>>> Zend_Soap_Wsdl_Strategy_Abstract abstract class, say
>>>> Zend_Soap_Wsdl_Strategy_W3C (as the type are defined by W3C).
>>>> 2 - Implement the addComplexType() method to validate the type against
>>>> the list and return it if is OK.
>>>> What I am stuck on is how do I cascade from the new class so that I
>>>> can still drop back to the Zend_Soap_Wsdl_Strategy_ArrayOfTypeComplex.
>>>> I think the Zend_Soap_Wsdl_Strategy_Composite is of use here, but I
>>>> can't quite work out how to use it.
>>>> Any ideas would be appreciated.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Richard Quadling.
>>>> [1]
>>> AFAIK the Zend Soap WSDL accessor already maps up php types to xsd
>>> types; a PHP String maps to an xsd:string, integer to xsd:int and so forth.
>>> XML schema 1.1 datatypes are pretty much the same as; and backwards
>>> compatible with the current xml schema datatypes (which are still the
>>> recommended standard, as 1.1 isn't a recommendation yet, work in
>>> progress) and use the same namespace. Thus the existing implementation
>>> should be xml w3c complaint both now and in the future.
>>> All that's said purely based on the zend docs [1] and not through
>>> practically using Zend_Soap_Wsdl_* though!
>> sigh.. [1] =
>> (specifically Type mapping) - might make more sense now!
> I think you've missed the point.


> I want to tell the outside world, via the WSDL,  that property X is an
> xsd:datetime (hmm ok, for that to make sense forget PHP's DateTime
> builtin class)
> How do I do that using AutoDiscovery?
> PHP doesn't have all the types that I can ask for.
> If I use PHP's types, they are all strings. So any junk can be put in.
> The consumer of the service isn't PHP, but (I believe) C#. So strongly typed.
> It isn't about mapping PHP "types"  to W3C types.

and now i completely follow after downloading the Zend code - which
strategy are you currently using / need to use? either way I guess the
two simplest approaches would either be:

1: create a class which extends
Zend_Soap_Wsdl_Strategy_YOURCURRENTSTRATEGYCHOICE , and implement the
addComplexType() method adding in all the xsd extra types and then
calling parent::addComplexType when not found.

2: create a class which extends Zend_Soap_Wsdl and overrides the
getType() method adding in all the xsd extra types and then calling
parent::getType when not found.


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