Once I was looking for a similar solution and found none enough powerful
to my needs.

  Anyway this was the only satisfactory that I found:


  Also if you have Perl/CGI, you can use this one (much better, including
admin interface, and still free):


  There are tons more written in Perl, but they are paid. I made a search on
hotscripts.com, lots of results and prices aroound 30 dollars:



  Julio Nobrega.

Yes, another 'Portal-System':
"Kurt Lieber" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
1b4301c109b7$bcaffd80$[EMAIL PROTECTED]">news:1b4301c109b7$bcaffd80$[EMAIL PROTECTED]...
> does anyone have/know of any existing code that allows PHP to control
> htaccess files?  I'm aware of SPHPAT on sourceforge, but I'm looking for
> something a little more mature.
> I don't really have a set of requirements other than what I've already
> stated -- I'm just looking for some examples to help me roll my own.
> Thanks.
> --kurt

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