According to the PHP manual using the same expression, "Never cast an unknown fraction to integer, as this can sometimes lead to unexpected results". My guess is that since it is an expression of floating points, that the result is not quite 8 (for whatever reason). Therefore, it is rounded towards 0. Of course, that is only a guess, and I have no true documentation on it.

Ashley Sheridan wrote:
On Thu, 2010-02-18 at 09:47 -0600, Chuck wrote:

Sorry, been doing heavy perl and haven't written any PHP in 3 years so a tad

Can someone explain why the second expression in this code snippet evaluates
to 7 and not 8?

$a = (int) (0.1 +0.7);

echo "$a\n";

$x = (int) ((0.1 + 0.7) * 10);

echo "$x\n";

$y = (int) (8);

echo "$y\n";

It works as expected if you take out the int() parts in each line. I'm
not sure why, but the use of int() seems to be screwing around with the
results. That's why the first line outputs a 0.


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