If the scanning device hooks into the keyboard somehow it should be
easy. I believe that's called a "keyboard wedge". Basically, you scan
and it types.

My only exposure to this is using one of the old CueCat scanners to
index my personal library into a php app I cobbled together. The
CueCat hooked in line with the keyboard. You'd bring up the scanning
page and an onload Javascript would place the cursor into the "Scan
ISBN Here" text box. Scan the book and the input went where it was
needed. I believe it also sent an "enter" keystroke which submitted
the form. It's been a couple years since I played with it so there
might have been some additional software that kicked the "enter". Then
you process the data as you would for any other text field submission.
It worked well enough to catalog a couple thousand books in a single

Hope this helps


On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 5:42 PM, Daevid Vincent <dae...@daevid.com> wrote:
> So we're opening a new super-club here in Seattle. One of the ideas we'd
> like to pursue is that people are assigned a card. This can be a magstripe
> card or something with a barcode. Not really sure at the moment which way
> to go.

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