Here is the function, but there is nothing wrong with the function I don't

Here is the function:
  function GetURLImageSize($urlpic) {
    return GetImageSize($urlpic);

Here is how we call it:

We did write the function like that for a reason... before PHP 4.0.x we used
GetURLImageSize because GetImageSize didn't exist yet. blah blah blah... you
know what I mean.


"Adam" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> > For some reason, at random and without warning, the function just seems
> > stop working and does nothing but wait and timeout at 80 seconds. When
> > go to the page say it just waits and does not load
> > anything for 80 seconds, and when it does, the images that use
> GetImageSize
> > do not load.
> Example of the code perhaps? I've never had a problem with that function.
> -Adam

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