gato chlr wrote:

> Hi,to every body
> i'm buildding a little application, for now i'm working in my
> localhost. I need to send a mail and i need to use phpmailer, but..
> when i send a mail using phpMailer it tooks a lot of time, i suppose
> it is because the bandwidth (128kbps and 3 PCs connected in the LAN).
> any way i need to solve it. 

Unless you're sending very large emails, it's more likely to be a DNS

> thinking a few i have found the next 
> posible solutions:
> *install a SMTP server in my machine, so , when the phpMailer sends a
> mail , there is no routers to jump , and no need to consume bandwith,
> the PHP application does keep freezed "waiting for...".

Apart from fixing your DNS problem, this is by far the best solution.
With a local mailserver, sendmail simply drops new mails into its
queue, and that's it.  


Per Jessen, Zürich (3.5°C)

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