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> Hi All,
> I have Forms that I submit for processing. I have seen examples of people 
> using either $_POST or $_REQUEST.
> When would I choose one over the other?
> Also, I see examples of these being used with and without the single quotes
> Like:
> $_POST[j_orderValue]
> or
> $_POST['j_orderValue']
> Single quotes is best, correct to prevent sql injection?

You must use quote. either single or double. It wont affect sql injection.
Sanitize your data before using it in any sql.

$_REQUEST['var'] means a variable var was passed in http request.
$_POST['var'] means a post variable var was passed in http request.

A get or cookie variable var2 will set $_REQUEST['var2'].

When you are strictly expecting a Post variable 'var3' use
$_POST['var3'], not $_REQEUST['var3'].
This is because a $_GET['var3'] will make $_REQEUST['var3'] available
to you which is not what you want.

Correct me if I am wrong.

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