Hi Don,
i work for the company simplynetworks in germany. I have access to may programmers with the best quality to the best prices. We work quick and no dirty ;-) I am programmer too and my company offer you the best object oriented software of the market. Some references of my clients in Germany:

DMC (Digital media center) - Neckermann (www.neckerman.de /nl/be) Shop development - 150 developer and many smoll teams. Development with PHP 4 and 5, JQuery, Prototype, CSS, XML, HTML, MYSQL and Oracle and so on. Astroshop.de (www.astroshop.de) Shop redesign and refactory. JQuery, PHP5 strong object oriented, SPL, MySQL, Zend Framework and EzComponents integration. ssc - services - Daimler Chrysler (SWAN Projekt for OFTP data transfer). PHP5 and Java, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript,etc Speechconcept (linguistics) - Strong object oriented Software with DOJO, Zend Framework and many modules and very complex tasks.

If you are interessing contact please to this email address.


Carlos Medina
Don Wieland schrieb:

I am needing assistance IMMEDIATELY in finishing up a project (the developer went in to have shoulder surgery and will be out of commission for 3 weeks) and I need this finished soon.

Candidate must have good english skills, a solid knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, mySQL, Javascript, AJAX, and JQuery. Developer may work remotely.

Please contact me via email, PRIVATELY, with your skills and sample of online project you have done. Also, this will be an hourly job - so what Hourly Rate you expect to get paid would be nice.


Don Wieland
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