OK... external function... that would explain why I could not locate it.

Let me get right to the problem I am having with this code as someone may be able to help directly.

I have a link on a page that opens a contact form. The link is mypage.php?my_id=5

So on mypage.php, I capture this value with:

I understand this much. But when the end user submits this contact form they do so to formcheck.php and if formcheck.php sees a required field is blank, it throws it back to mypage.php with an alert. BUT, I lose the value of the variable $my_id. SO, I created a hidden field on mypate.php with value="<?php echo $my_id; ?>" and on formcheck.php, I added $my_id = $_Post['my_id'];

However, when formcheck.php returns me to mypage.php, $my_id is still blank.

Very frustrating.

Any help determining what I am doing wrong is greatly appreciated.



On Feb 25, 2010, at 12:31 AM, Paul M Foster wrote:

On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 12:16:08AM -0500, Robert Cummings wrote:

Rick Dwyer wrote:
Hello all.

I'm trying to learn PHP on the fly and I have a line of code that
contains syntax I can't find documented anywhere:

php echo check('element8');

In the above line, can someone tell me what "check" means?

In the above, check is a function. It is being called with parameter

This is true. But perhaps more importantly, check() is not a native PHP
function. Thus it comes from some other library or group of external


Paul M. Foster

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