Thanks and do you know of a place where I can get a printed book of the
actual PHP manual, already printed?

I hate printing out those huge PDF files and I can't stand reading on screen
directions while trying to learn them.


Sebastian Wenleder wrote:

> At 18:02 Uhr -0700 10.07.2001, Marcus James Christian wrote:
> >Hello,
> >
> >How do I change the value of the  "TO:"  in a mail() function to a value
> >of Bcc: ?
> >
> >Or at least trick the mail to a Bcc:    So the recipients emails aren't
> >shown?
> Hi Marcus,
> $headers="Bcc:[EMAIL PROTECTED]\n";
> $headers.="Subject: Your Subject\n";
> $msg="The Message";
> mail("[EMAIL PROTECTED]","Subject, will be overwritten...",$msg,$headers);
> BTW, You could have found that in the manual...
> best,
> Sebastian

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