Hello, Nathan.

I'm glad to hear that someone else can reproduce the problem with 
en_GB.UTF-8. I was worried it was some bad luck quirk that I was never 
going to get to the bottom of.

I tried using en_US.utf8 (and also en_US.UTF-8) in setlocale (and it did 
not return false, so again looks like the locale is found and accepted). 
But I still got a return of false from ctype_print for non-ASCII 
characters. So even with en_US I'm getting bad behaviour.

When you switch back to en_US.UTF-8 (or en_US.utf8) do you get true from 
ctype_print as expected? (I'm hoping that you don't suddenly find 
ctype_print refuses to behave properly under all locales.)

Output from `locale` shows that all types are 'en_GB.UTF-8' except LC_ALL 
which is blank (as I believe it should be).

Do you know how I can dig further? I don't know anything about debugging 
PHP or Linux, so I don't know how to trace the source of this strange 

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