I think everyone has their own preference on working/development setup.If you are comfortable with Window OSS, I guess shifting to Linux might take you totally out of your goals. In my case I prefer playing around Gentoo Linux, so my development setup is built around Gentoo Linux.But I fully agree that it took me a while to be comfortable to work behind this OSS.

But on Windows it should be possible to get those PHP, MYSQL, Apache.Install things like WAMP or so {Ive never used it,but I heard it works}, but it could be an option for a Window User.

**Learning Linux/Unix wont be such a bad idea though, as most of your Servers (production environment) will be Linux/Unix.So its worth learning how to work and be comfortable with them.


On 02/27/2010 06:09 AM, Austin Powers wrote:
Three weeks ago I was working through the Lynda.com "PHP with MySQL
Training" because I wanted to begin using PHP (surprise, surprise).

Anyway, on this video course the teacher explains that because installing
PHP and MySQL is so well understood on a Mac that we may as well just follow
his steps and do it manually.  Well, he is installing a different version of
PHP and MySQL to the ones that I was able to download and while what he was
saying way somewhat similar I am guessing that  there is a difference
somewhere, and (well) it's not working.

I AM A COMPLETE NOVICE WITH LINUX/FREEBSD.  It had not been my intention to
learn the intricacies of Linux.  However, I am now neck deep in a mire of
confusion that even MAMP can't seem to sort out for me.

It is purely a guess that I need to start again from a complete clean setup
(reformatting my hard disk and reinstall OS X again) but that is pretty much
out of the question.

I guess my question is:

"How can I completely uninstall PHP so that I can start again?"


Extra details:
OSS:Gentoo Linux
Hardware:msi geforce 8600GT asus p5k-se

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